several days ago I has wactched Thailand’s film . Hello Stranger . maybe some of  you has watched it , ya that’s film was published in 2010 . but I has just watched it . ahahaa , so late yaa .

 I am not going to tell you about the synopsis . go to rental or anywhere and watch it  😀

I like that film, not to serious  and easy to understand . emang si rada menuju ke film galau  . ya tapi menurutku bagus, mungkin karena ada banyak sindiran disana kalau kalian perhatiin. jadinya bisa bikin penasaran apa lagi yang mau dikatain.  i like the women main role, so asian. round eyes and black wavy hair .

one more  :

First Love (A Little Thing Called Love)

haha . do you know ? this film popular enough at my school. hohoo P’Shone :* . one word : HANDSOME . ahahaaa #naluriperempuan

not far from the first , I think this film is dedicated for teenager . at first I feel bored , I don’t know why . I just laughed when my friends did . but then I feel so messy in the middle part . ya, I think that’s so romantic and hurt(?)  . if you want to know the story , just go to rental or anywhere and watch it ! 😀


CAUTION : Ini film rada galau yaa . Jangan dikonsumsi terlalu sering ;D


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